The first Albanian Muslim woman ever to be on a reality TV and first bisexual on Bad girls club! With her tough talking, “born to be bad” style, this bisexual party girl refuses to be the Albanian Muslim ideal of a passive, obedient female her family would hope for. Staten-Island girl Florina always encourages women to stand up for themselves and is prepared to fight for the underdog at the drop of a hat. She is one of the favorite and most known of the show, she won 4 out of 6 categories for Oxygen’s Viewer’s Choice Awards, with over 30,000 votes,

“Best Hookup”

“Baddest Bad Girl”

“Realest Bad Girl”

“Favorite Bad girl”

Flo became 1 of the most popular member of the household and out of all 4 seasons of the show. The show was ranked number 1 on Oxygen as their highest rated show ever. It ranked at #13 out of 100 top shows for the first half of the TV season. The LGBT community is big fans of hers because she’s bisexual and stood up for her family. She went up against a house member homophobic Amber, where they got into a fight. Amber broke Flo’s ankle but that didn’t stop Flo of defending herself and for the LGBT community.

Florina, is so adored by the LGBT community, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual community. She embraces and supports the Gay and Lesbian community to the fullest! She gets request daily from fans and promoters to come to their cities to be a speaker for the Youth LGBT community, attend Pride events as well. She has thousands of fans and friends on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Flo is an aspiring singer and is working on her first album also. She has a video on You Tube an original song “Tear It Up, which has generated over 50,000 views in total.

She will soon be performing at several different venues as her music career is the next step to her success from the Bad Girls Club! She will certainly shine for a long time to come, and plans on being a spokeswoman for the LGBT community, motivational speaker for women with insecurities. And also will tour with MADD Mothers against Drunk Driving, around college campuses in several different states to speak out to students about the importance of drunk driving! She would like to open a youth center one day to help teens cope with their everyday lives. This August she’s hosting of the first annual The Shy Shy Foundation in honor of Chantel Matiyosus, who was killed by gang violence of April 25th 2009, in Brockton, MA.

Flo has her hands full with many projects so keep an eye out for her.